The number of people who attend live auctions may not be increasing by leaps and bounds but the number of people who use eBay definitely is. eBay has an estimated 19 million users and an additional two million guest viewers every day. The numbers continue to grow and for good reason.

It is a great site to find what you want for a discounted price. Nearly everything is available from video games and household appliances to clothing and cars. Remember the saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure?” That phrase personifies eBay. Items taking up space in your house could be coveted and put to use by others, making you money in the process.
While some items on eBay are rare or very useful, there have also been some odd and completely ridiculous postings.

#1 A Man’s Entire Life

Ian Usher, a British skydiver who sold his “life” on eBay in 2008, said he was a “little bit disappointed” by the winning bid of $309,292. Precipitating the auction was Usher’s marital problems and ensuing midlife crisis. Hoping to clean the slate, he decided to sell all of his possessions.

That included a three-bedroom house, parachuting gear, a beat-up Mazda, personal introductions to his friends, and a trial position as a sales assistant at the rug shop where he worked.


#2 A girl’s Virginty

An 18-year-old British girl sold her virginity on eBay to pay for her university fees, She came up with the cunning plan after not wanting to be in debt after finishing her studies.

It was bought by a businessman for around $10,000 who kindly agreed to give her the money without actually taking the service.


#3 Ghost In a Jar

A jar that a man believed to contain a ghost was put up for auction on eBay because it was terrorizing the owner. The seller, Teajay101, claimed that he “would not be held responsible” if the “black thing” escaped the jar, and that “all sales are final.” After numerous bids, the auction ended seven days later at a whopping $50,922, but unfortunately the winning bidder did not pay.


#4 Ad Space on Forehead

A man auctioned off 30 days of ad space on his forehead to be used as a billboard,Andrew Fischer, from Omaha, Nebraska said:

“The winner will be able to send me a tattoo or have me go to a tattoo parlour and get a temporary ink tattoo on my forehead and this will be something they choose, a company name or domain name, perhaps their logo”. Andrew managed to close the deal for a whopping $37,375.


#5 Virgin Mary Sandwich

In 2004 a 10-year old grilled cheese sandwich was sold on eBay for $28,000. The advertisement claimed that the unique sandwich featured an “image of the Virgin Mary”. Others saw the image on the bread for themselves and agreed according to reports.

In the past images of the Virgin Mary have been found on various items including trees, air conditioning units, and images made from water stains. Some people have been able to make a profit from these Virgin Mary sightings while others have shared them free of charge.


#6 A cornflake in the shape of Illinois

Two sisters from Virginia sold a cornflake that resembled the state of Illinois for $1,350 in March 2008.

“We were biting our nails all the way up to the finish, seeing what would happen,” said Melissa McIntire, 23. “There’s a lot of relief involved.”Well yeah of course raking up just over a grand for a cornflake not bad going for a days work.


#7 A Brussel sprout

In December 2005, a brussels sprout cooked on Christmas Day was listed by “crazypavingpreacher” (Andrew Henderson of Darlington, England).

It sold for £99.50 on January 4, 2006. The sprout had been frozen and was sent by first class post in insulated packaging to the buyer, “5077phil”.

The proceeds of the sale were donated to Tearfund, a major Christian relief and development agency working in the Third World.


#8 The right to choose a baby’s name

In April of 2005 a woman name Melissa Heuschkel auctioned off the right to name her baby on the Internet. An online casino named was the winning bidder for a whopping $15,500. Wanna know what they named it?

The mom said she was going to use the cash to buy toys and other necessities for the baby. (Like a trust fund to pay for psychotherapy for life maybe???)


#9 Ex wife’s wedding dress

The tattooed, barrel-chested Larry Star hoped to woo buyers by slipping into the sleeveless frock (formely owned by his ex wife) in a series of photos for the online auction site in an attempt to scrape together enough cash for some beer and baseball tickets.

The Everett man, who describes the dress as “a $1,200 shower curtain,” now has enough for those luxuries and more, after the winning bid of $3,850 snapped it up.


#10 Hi-tech toilets

Hi-tech toilets, originally bought by the city of Seattle for $5million, but subsequently scrapped after they became a haven for drug users, raised only $12,549 when they were later sold on eBay.

One of the five toilets, which currently graces the downtown waterfront, sold for $4,899, but the average sale was just over $2,510.

A Rochester, Washington, business, Racecar Supply, won all five auctions.