4gIn the advent of 4G networks have flung open the doors  price wars . Tesco mobile packed a serious punch by announcing their 4G upgrade price plans.

For a mere £2.50 extra per month, Tesco Mobile customers can now avail the super-fast 4G service. The best thing about this offer is that all contract customers, old and new, can easily upgrade irrespective of any existing Tesco Mobile existing contract.

With these Tesco Mobile SIM only deals, Internet lovers are now able to join the 4G revolution for the price of a cup of coffee and Tesco rightly hopes to make its mark as a serious mobile operator.

Their cheapest SIM only deal costs £7.50 per month. It’s a 12 month contract that packs in a respectable 500MB data with 500 texts and 250 minutes. Upgrading this to 4G would bring your total monthly spend to just £10. According to Comparisim, a leading SIM only Comparison website, this deal is currently the lowest cost 4G tariff in the UK!

If you’re ready to jump on the Tesco 4G band wagon, one thing that you will have to keep in mind is that Tesco is a virtual provider that uses the O2 network. Therefor the availability of 4G is restricted to the UK cities where in O2 has released it.

Presently, O2’s 4G is available in London, Leeds, Bradford, Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Nottingham, Manchester and Glasgow. The next cites that will gain a live 4G internet service will be Newcastle and Edinburgh. Ultimately O2 is aiming for 98% 4G coverage across the UK. To see if you’re area has got Tesco 4G, just enter your post code here.

Apart from dirt cheap SIM only tariffs, the Tesco network give you the freedom to increase or decrease their data allowance depending on your requirements. They also let you cap your monthly spend so you don’t need to worry about clocking up a big bill. If you do upgrade your Tesco 3G contract to 4G, but find that it’s just not for you, Tesco lets your switch back to 3G and your tariff will be readjusted to reflect this.

Simon Groves, the chief marketing officer of Tesco Mobile attributes the new upgrade plans as part of Tesco’s aim to provide top quality 4G services at affordable prices.

The announcement of their new 4G plans came soon after mobile operator EE announced its plans to significantly cut their 4G prices. Currently EE’s lowest cost 4G tariff comes in at £23.99. Other big 4G operators, O2 and Vodafone are both charging £26 per month for their cheapest 4G SIM only deals. Still a far cry from Tesco’s £10 per month.

The competition is cut throat in the 4G area and prices are shifting so frequently it’s hard to predict which provider is going to come out on top. Although right now Tesco seems to be the best budget option, there are still some surprises in store. We expect Hutchinson Three to open the flood gates next month when they unveil their brand new 4G service. Three have promised to make 4G a standard part of  their mobile service so all existing and new customers with 4G enabled devices won’t have to pay any extra for it, they will simply get a totally free 4G upgrade.

Three’s cheapest 3G tariff stands at just £6.50 per month. It’s a 12 month deal with 500 MB data, 200 minutes and 5000 texts. When this deal becomes 4G in December it will make Tesco’s £10 offering look like daylight robbery.