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Current Tech

Google Smart Contact Lens 

Goggle unveils plans to produce a new device called smart contact lens. The company’s Google X lab just teased a smart contact lens on its blog that is meant to help diabetics measure their glucose levels. The company says it is currently testing prototypes of this…

Current Tech

The 3D Printing Generation 

3D printers are devices that can create three-dimensional objects.  Most 3D printers create objects in plastic. Some use ceramic, metal or other materials. There’s even a 3D printer that forms items out of chocolate or cheese. 3D printers are used in large manufactering at the…

Future Tech

Mind Control Television 

The remote control revolutionized the way we watch television, doing away with the need for frequent trips to the set in order to change channels. One prototype in Haier’s portfolio makes the whole remote thing look like a back breaking chore by comparison. The Brain…