Web Design & Development has certainly come along way over the last decade, I’m sure you will agree. With the popularity of WordPress, alot of people these days have turned to using WordPress as a base for developing their personal website, blog or business.

The problem is that alot of websites were and are built with HTML, as one of the popular programming languages for Web Design. However, if you have no technical knowledge, you may wish to move to WordPress with a much more user-friendly control management system, designed to easily setup a website with thousands of themes and plugins to support almost anything.

If you have an old HTML page, or have simply designed your website based on HTML and wish to convert it to a WordPress theme, we have the solution/s in order to do so.

1. Manually Create a WordPress Theme from a Static HTML Site

If you have coding knowledge, know your way around WordPress and have a few hours to spare that you can go down this route, you will take your existing code and use it as a starting point to create the WordPress theme files.

The downside: while you will end up with a working WordPress theme, it won’t have all of the capabilities WordPress has to offer. For example, unless you build it in after the fact, your site will be without widget areas or the ability to change your menu from the WordPress backend.

While your site will do its job, you won’t be able to manage it completely via WordPress.

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2. Pay Someone Else to Make the Switch

You also have the option to not deal with moving from HTML to WordPress at all. With sufficient budget, you can always pay someone else to make the move for you.

There are alot of freelancing sites like peopleperhour where you would pay a web developer to complete such a task, you can set a fixed budget or they can bid on how much they are willing to complete the task for.

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3. Purchase a software to automatically do it for you

Yes! Such a software does exist and like magic you can be up and running in minutes.

Theme Matcher is an automated software, you simply enter the desired url of the static HTML page you wish to convert, choose where you would like the posts to be on your homepage, then choose where you would like the sidebar to be.

You also have the option to not have a sidebar if you so wish, after submitting your final decision your website will magically generate into a WordPress website within minutes ready to download instantly.

We tested the software out ourselves, as you can see below.

Step 1. (Select where you would like the posts to be)

Step 2. (Select if you would like a sidebar and where you would like it to be)

Generating your theme. (Theme is generating, shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes)

Preview of how your theme will look. (If your happy, proceed to download your theme)

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