The Internet is a massive library which allows us to access almost anything from anywhere in the world. It has become an irreplaceable resource, a data bank where everything from news to social media updates to encyclopedia to porn is available, just a click away. This has raised serious problems for employers who are unable to stop employees from abusing the Internet and other company resources despite taking several measures. Keeping in mind the severity of the issue, we have come up with an action plan to stop Internet abuse at the workplace for once and all.

Acceptable Use Policies

Use of internet has become pretty common not only in our personal lives but our workspace as well. Most employees expect their employees to immediately get back to the clients emails as well as a hand in their projects in time. Such situations can blur the lines of acceptance internet use in a workspace considerably. Therefore, companies need to establish precise and clear-cut rules when it comes to internet use in a workspace. Employees should be introduced to the company’s policies as soon as they start working for the company. This way no employee can claim ignorance if they are caught violating the ‘use of internet’ policy in a workspace.

Filtering Inappropriate Websites

Remember you couldn’t open adult websites or Facebook on library computers or at school? Companies can essentially restrict such sites on the office network as well as to make sure that employees are not wasting their time and the company’s money for their own pleasures. They can also do the same for online dating websites like and Tinder.

Limited Access to The Internet

Unless you are running a website that primarily deals with celebrity gossip, your employees do not need unlimited access to the internet. Therefore, consider coming up with ways to grant your employees very limited access to the internet so they only use it for work purposes and no other. This way, employees will have a choice but to work as they were supposed to in the first place.

Set Up Goals

Another one of the many reliable ways to improve employee productivity and reduce the probability of them wasting time is to establish work goals for them. The study has proven that if you have provided your employee with goals and deadlines to work within when it comes to certain projects, they’d be less likely to waste to and more likely to get the work done in time. This way, time-scheduled assignments, and projects will be done more effectively and within the required timeframe than those done without it.

Keystroke Logging

Keylogging or rather “Keystroke Logging” is the process of recording every keystroke made by the user of a target device the user of a target device using a keylogging software or device. This app can be easily installed on a home PC or a work computer and the device or application will record every single key pressed. Such data is uploaded on a remote server or provide detail logs by physically accessing the device or the app and see for yourself if your employee has been working like he/she is supposed to.

Using Monitoring Apps

Using monitoring apps is another way to keep track of your employees’ activity using company bandwidth. Reputable cell phone spy software are quite apt at not only providing you with real-time access to what your employee is doing but it can also help you take a look at their contacts and the emails being sent and received by them to make sure that your employee is not selling company’s trade secrets to your competitors along with keeping an eye on their non-work-related online activities that are taking quite a toll on their employees as long as it is on the company hardware using the company’s bandwidth.

Finally, no matter how many potential solutions company comes up with to keep their employees in line when it comes to internet abuse, there is no solution to it unless employees understand their responsibility as a part of the company to work hard and work diligently. Unless they do that, there is no way to get over the problem.