Introducing the worlds first OLED curved TV that sticks to the wall with magnets and under 1mm thick.

Thanks to OLED technology, one of the leading companies in electronics, South Korean LG Electronics, launched their ultra thin 55′ TV’s which captured the attention of everyone back in May 2015. The new product is 0.97 mm thick, weighs 1.9 kg and can easily be stuck to any wall and curve! It is not the first time the company presents an OLED Tv, but it is the first of it’s curved kind.


What is the difference between an OLED display and an LCD one? Well, it emits light itself based on the electric current without a back light unit, unlike the liquid crystal display (LCD). The new technology allows any TV to be thinner and lighter. OLED (detachable organic light-emitting diode) takes your movie watching experience to new heights. Vivid and authentic colors, clean and without distortions have a perfect viewing angle allowing you to also enjoy the best 3D experience thanks to the curved screen.

Watch the videos from bellow and tell us your opinion!

Video Credit: FlatpanelsHD You Tube

The company also released 66-inch and 77-inch OLED models earlier in the year and are planning to introduce a 99-inch one. The product received many awards and keeps increasing its desirability among people and it seems the one problem at this point with this technology is that it has a shorter life span than LCD’s. For all the early adapters who are curious about the price of the TV’s, we can tell them the new models start at $4,999. What do you think?