Meizu has, in recent years, grown to take a strong position in the Asian tech market, battling with the top-3 brands in the continent (Xiaomi, Huawei and Lenovo). However, Meizu sets itself apart from the rest with its unique twist on creation and innovation, among other positive particularities.

After the growth in Asia, with 4000 employees and 2000 stores spread across China and more than 20 million phones sold last year, Meizu wants to expand to the Western markets, with a special focus on the United States of America. And, to do so, Meizu is also innovating.

Instead of going the usual way, they want to use crowdfunding to become known and enter those markets more easily. So, they created a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to launch their newest product: Gravity, a wireless speaker that stands out for its amazing looks.

As we can easily notice, Gravity is not only a speaker, but a piece of art. At first sight, it does not even resemble like a speaker, but a bulk box floating above a surface. It is the result of the work done by Japanese designer Kosho Tsuboi, who applied the concept of “Missing ­Design” on this product.

One of the most impressive parts of Gravity is its refraction prism, responsible for that illusion of flotation and, using a complex optical reflection formula, features a stunning heads-­up display that shows all track information.

In terms of hardware, the highlights are the custom-made speakers, with a dual passive resonance membrane for a more vigorous low­ frequency output, and the latest 5­ series chip amplifier from Texas Instruments, which delivers a more pure and clear sound.

Gravity will have the retail price of $249 but, for a limited period of time, can be bought in the crowdfunding campaign for up to $80 less than that.