Wi-Fi is everywhere now. In our homes, in the cinema, in the street. Wherever you go, there is almost always a Wi-Fi connection. Then there’s that feeling of sheer panic when you walk into your favourite bar or shop and realise that (shock horror) they don’t have Wi-Fi inside. You’re so enraged, that it’s enough to make you walk right back out and find somewhere that does have a connection. So is that why businesses need to have free customer Wi-Fi?

Know the impact

If you aren’t offering free Wi-Fi to your customers, you need to ask yourself why not. The impact of not having this could be much further reaching than you think. If there are lots of other local businesses offering Wi-Fi to their customers, you will stick out like a sore thumb. Your branch will be like a black spot in the middle of fast connectivity and you may see your customers walking out the door as a result.

Studies have shown that people are influenced by Wi-Fi connections when they choose where to shop and the statistics simply cannot be ignored. A massive 79.5 per cent of people take into account whether a business has Wi-Fi before deciding whether to shop there and you certainly don’t want to be losing that sort of percentage of customers just because you chose not to bother with Wi-Fi.


Many customers get sick of advertising on the television or the radio, but in stores it has a rather different impact. If you are advertising your business, particularly if it’s a special offer, you may find that customers stop to read it. Adding free Wi-Fi access for your customers gives you a unique advertising opportunity that you may not have previously considered.

The free Wi-Fi offered by the majority of businesses involves customers signing up with their details before they can access the connection. Once this has been done, you can take advantage of advertising. The confirmation page is a great place to add in a banner for your business because you know that your customers are likely to see it when they sign into your Wi-Fi service.

Social sharing

Another benefit to you offering free Wi-Fi to your customers is that you can get your name out there to other people and potentially bring in new customers. You can easily run a special offer for customers who share details of a promotion that they discover through connecting to your Wi-Fi.

Once they share the promotion, they can then get access to an exclusive discount. The benefit of doing this is that there’s a strong chance of the customers sharing the offer to new people who may not yet be familiar with your business. You can then naturally bring in more customers who will be interested to find out more. Once they discover your free Wi-Fi, they can then pass the message on themselves in the future.

Ultimately, there are a number of different reasons why you should be offering free Wi-Fi to your customers to give them a better experience of your brand. The key one is that it can make the customer feel like they are dealing with a business that is ahead of the game and they may then spread this attitude onto other people, further increasing awareness of your brand.