Chinese developers have presented a concept phone for the elderly,called Elderly E Phone. According to the authors of the project, the modern phones,that are being offered for this age group, though, and are inexpensive, but they have very few functions as to be expected.

The convenience of face recognition is evident in photography and social sites where people are automatically tagged. Extending this concept to telephones, the Elderly E Phone uses image recognition rather than a keypad for the entering of phone numbers. It is aimed at the silver generation, who have a hard time dialing or remembering numbers.

Therefore, elderly people who refused to use the phone book in the mobile phone, because it was hard to make out the text on the screen and had to type every time the entire number, can now forget about the problem. Elderly E Phone – an interesting concept that shows how modern technology can help elderly people.

I’m sure many designers have picked up and realized  that there is a big demand and rise with the amount of elderly people now using technology more then ever.

concept elderly phone1concept elderly phone2

Elderly E Phone is a 2013 red dot award: design concept winning entry.
Designers: Prof. Dai Yunting, Lu Junshi, Liu Fei, Jiang Ying & Zhu Yunpeng