A new scientific endeavor hopes to unravel some of these mysteries by creating a highly detailed simulation of the human brain let’s be honest with the way technology is moving it was only a matter of time before such a project was going to be unraveled. Essentially, researchers will use a supercomputer to build a working replica of our minds.Even in the 21st century, there are still many unsolved mysteries when it comes to the human brain. It is a complicated machine that neuroscientists continually try to understand.

With $1.6 billion in funding and more than 200 researchers, the Human Brain Project is the largest, most ambitious cooperative experiment of its kind. Serious hardware is necessary for a project of this kind — to pack the simulation into a single computer would require a system 1,000 times more powerful than today’s supercomputers.

The project will officially begin later this year. It will take Europe 10 years to map all of the 100 billion neurons connected by 100,000 billion synapses that make up a human brain.

Graphic courtesy of youtube, Human Brain Project