If you are looking for over ear headphones and on a budget of £200 or less, we have compiled a short list of our personal picks for you to choose from and purchase some great sounding over ear headphones from Amazon.

1. Sennheiser Momentum 2.0


  • Top-notch comfort
  • High-quality, fun sound
  • Good looks


  • Less subtle looks than first generation
  • Sound more fun than outright accurate

One of the most popular sets of headphones around. They have a sound that balances portable use with high-end audio style.

You get refinement, a bit of extra bass kick, and an easy-going but detailed treble.

The Momentums are great-looking headphones with comfort to suit most needs. In this second generation, Sennheiser enlarged the ear cups after criticisms that they were just that bit too small for a lot of people.

2. Grado SR80e


  • Vital and detailed sound
  • Fast, punchy bass


  • Leaky design
  • Less than luxurious comfort

Grado isn’t just another headphone company. Pairs like the Grado SR80e are truly unusual, because while they have portable dimensions, their open-back style values sound quality over everything else.

They leak music to the outside world and block out minimal noise. We still love them, though. Their sound is hard to beat at the price.

Dynamic, fast and exciting, they get you a taste of hifi without a scary price or draining all the fun out of music in favour of pure accuracy. The SR80e are not the most soft, relaxing listen out there, but if you really want to engage with your music they’re worth checking out.

3. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x


  • Powerful bass
  • Good stereo imaging and separation
  • Great value among peers


  • Bass is somewhat overemphasised
  • Isolation could be better

Now available for a shade under £120 online, the Audio Technica ATH-M50X offer some of the best sound you can get at the price. They get you sparky treble and a bit of extra bass, resulting in an all-round energetic and fun sound without the bassy bloat feel you get with some lively, affordable headphones.

They’re essentially ‘style’ headphones, without the style headphone price. Not all of you may love the design, though.

These are DJ headphones at heart, with a tough, bulky frame that values physical flexibility over being small and sophisticated-looking.

4. AKG Y50


  • Bold look
  • Fun sound
  • Good isolation


  • Boosted bass could be subtler

You don’t need to spent Beats money to get a good pair of headphones. The AKG Y50 has style, are a decent build quality and has good sound. You can also get them in all sorts of colours, if you’re tired of boring old black headphones.

Their sound style isn’t a million miles away from that of the £150-plus Beats Solo 2. You get an extra injection of bass for a fun sound, plus it’s otherwise detailed, smooth and very easy on the ear. An easy one to recommend.