Electric automobiles are a great alternative to the traditional cars with internal combustion engines. Although they are believed to be a bit less powerful, before the end of the 19th century, electric cars managed to break this myth and finally reached 100 km/h.

Since then, electric vehicle manufacturers have accepted the challenge to provide us eco-friendly cars, which are able of satisfying the needs of every potential consumer.

Today the modern electric automobiles offer the whole package of ‘auto facilities’, which we are so used to. They qualify the highest safety requirements and when being charged from renewable sources, do not generate any harmful emissions.

Here we offer you some of the greatest electric cars of 2013.

Tesla, Model S


For the first time in the 64 year history of the Motor Trend Car awards an all-electric car was elected for the best car of the year. This is the revolutionary Tesla, Model S. Paradoxically, this vehicle was launched less than a year before that.

However, it managed to ‘overtake’ cars of established brands, like Porsche and BMW. Till now, there are not many S models on the US roads. By September, Tesla had sold only 132 units of their sedan. But in the last month of the third quarter, the number increased to 250.

Now, their expectations for the period of October to the end of November, is to report sales of more than 3,000 cars. In 2013 the company is planning to deliver 20,000 units of the new car. Tesla S is the world’s first sedan with electric propulsion.

The most powerful version of the car accelerates from 0 to 100 km per hour in the incredible 4.4 seconds and can travel about 500 km on a single charge. The top speed is limited to 208 km. per hour.

Renault Twizy Cargo


This car focuses mainly on companies or delivery companies, with sales representatives. The version was developed by Renault Tech and Renault Sport Technologies.

They have chosen a very interesting solution for their new model, by making the space behind the driver’s seat intended for freight. The passengers can enter the car through something like a mini luggage door.

The front seat is movable, as usually (just back and forth, without bending the flat back) and the back door has a locking system that works with an ignition key.

Twizy Cargo has a 4-point seat belt and air bags and it is available in both of the versions :

  • Twizy Cargo 45 Life MA L6e – € 8.080;
  • Twizy Cargo Life MB L7e – € 8,780.

BMW i3


BMW unveiled their first all-electric model i3, which will appear in the European markets in Germany, Italy, France and Britain at the beginning of November this year.

Its price will be approximately € 34,950 and around 41,350 dollars in the U.S. The car is designed for city driving, but the company will offer its customers to rent some of their classic cars for longer journeys and holidays.

Ford Focus Electric


Ford launched the production of Focus Electric in their German factory. It’s the first electric car that Ford produced in Europe and the first electric vehicle, put into mass production on the continent.

The charging of the car is provided by a 6.6 kW charger, which allows you to supply the car with power for about 100 km in 2-3 hours. The special interface (SmartGauge) calculates the mileage, according to the remaining energy and the driving style; and the BrakeCoach function allows the driver to use the brakes in a way, that restores most of the car’s energy.