If you do not take good care of your computer, it will wear out fast. Computers are made in such a way that the better care you give them, the longer they last. This is the reason why you need to ensure that you do everything possible to ensure that your computer is well taken care of so that it can last a long time and serve you. In order for you to achieve what you want there are 5 tips that can make your computer last longer.

1. Be Cool
The first thing that you need to know about computers is that heat is their enemy. You need to ensure that your computer is not exposed to a lot of heat as this will destroy it. It is important that you place your computer on a cool hard surface when working so that you can give it space to breathe and let out extra heat.

2. Defrag Your Hard Drive
In order for the computer to always be in working condition and also in order for your hard drive not to collapse, you need to defragment it regularly. When you defragment your hard drive, you will give your computer an easier time when it needs to arrange data and this is a good thing for you because you will not need to worry about your hard drive breaking down at some point.

3. Keep It Clean And Fresh
Cleanliness is very important if you want your computer to last longer. You need to ensure that you are very clean when using your computer and that you use it in clean conditions. It is very important that you remove any dust and clog that can settle on your computer from time to time. Use a soft cloth to wipe the screen and remove any dirt that can settle on the USB ports as well as the keypad. Wiping your computer in order to get rid of the dirt and the dust every once in a while will ensure that your computer stays in shape and thus lasts long.

4. Treat Your Battery
The battery is the life of the laptop and should therefore be taken care of in order for the computer to last longer. You should never leave the charger of your laptop battery on all the time. It is important to switch off the power outlet once the laptop is fully charged and use the battery power. It is also advisable that you let your battery run out completely once in a while so that it can last longer.

5. Protect Your Valuable Investment
In order for your computer to last a long time, you need to ensure that you adequately protect it. You should find an antivirus program that you feel will be best for your computer and ensure that you install it. You should ensure that the firewall of your computer is always up and that the USB shield is always up. It is important that you scan all the removable devices that you connect to your computer before you start using them so as to ensure that the computer is protected from viruses that might ruin it.

This article was written by John Saunders. He is a tech enthusiast and loves blogging about computers. You can visit http://answersafrica.com where he makes his contributions.