How many times have you seen on your facebook wall or around the Internet certain facts and been very fascinated by some of them.

It is actually quite interesting some of them and as a guy who loves knowledge I wanted to bring you some of the best interesting facts that might make you oooo with surprise.

so lets kick it off and hope you enjoy if you would like to add any facts you can always comment at the bottom and add some of your own.

1. Amazon, originally a printed book seller company, now sells more e-books than printed books.

2. The first domain name ever registered was

3. 80% of all pictures on the internet are of naked women

4. Tim Berners-Lee coined the phrase “World Wide Web” in 1990.

5. U.S. President Bill Clinton’s inauguration in January 1997 was the first to be webcast.

6. Google uses an estimated 15 billion kWh of electricity per year, more than most countries. However, google generates a lot of their own power with their solar panels.

7. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft was a college drop out.

8. Bill Gates house was designed Using a Macintosh computer.

9. About 1.8 billion people connect to the Internet, only 450 million of them speak English.

10. In 2012, approximately 17 billion devices (which includes computers, tablets and mobile) connected to the Internet.

11. Sweden has the hightest percentage of internet users, they are 75%.

12. Did you know that Email was already around before the World Wide Web came?

13. Up until the 14th of September, 1995, domain registration was free.

14. One of the world’s leading computer and computer peripheral manufacturer Hewlett Packard was first started in a garage at Palo Alto in the year 1939.

15. One out of every 8 married couples in the USA (2011), met online.

16. Google estimates that the Internet today contains about 5 million terabytes of data (1TB = 1,000GB), and claims it has only indexed a paltry 0.04% of it all! You could fit the whole Internet on just 200 million Blu-Ray disks.

17. There are about five porn pages for every ‘normal’ web-page.

18. The prime reason the Google home page is so bare, is due to the fact that the founders didn’t know HTML and just wanted a quick interface. Infact, the submit button was a later addition initially, hitting the RETURN key was the only way to burst Google into life.

19. Doug Engelbart had made the first computer mouse in 1964, and it was made out of wood.

20. Every minute, 10 hours of videos are uploaded on Youtube.

21. The world’s first computer which was named the Z1, was invented by Konrad Zuse in 1936. His next invention, the Z2 was finished in 1939 and was the first fully functioning electro-mechanical computer.

22. There are approximately 1,319,872,109 people using the Internet.

23. Amongst the most interesting computer facts is, when the first Apple computer which was built by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, it was made by using parts they got for free from their employers. They were made to scrounge spare parts from work.

24. While it took the radio 38 years, and the television a short 13 years, it took the World Wide Web only 4 years to reach 50 million users.

25. 70% of virus writers work under contract for organized crime syndicates.

26. A program named “Rother J” was the first computer virus to come into sight “in the wild” — that is, outside the single computer or lab where it was created.

27. ‘Stewardesses’ is the longest word which can be typed with only the left hand.

28. Mosaic was the first popular web browser which was released in 1993.

29. Of the 247 BILLION email messages sent every day, 81% are pure spam.

30. The first White House website was launched during the Clinton-Gore administration on October 21, 1994. Coincidentally, the site linked to a pornography web site.