With blockchain set to be the next big thing in technology, printing has yet to be a part of it until now. Printex has introduced their strategy in linking printing and blockchain technology to be the first big player in this untapped market.

Printex started their campaign in May 2018, with the idea of being able to print on demand merchandise through a developing vendor marketplace/store.

About Printex:


Printex (prtx) is the first cryptocurrency dedicated to the printing industry. We created an ecosystem to simplify and provide more disclosure about printing transactions while allowing the general public to use a cryptocurrency in the real world.

In today’s world, printed objects are used by both individuals and companies for a multitude of purposes. Individuals use our printed objects for novelty fun and special events such as birthdays, sporting events and clothing.

Where companies use printed objects for merchandising, branding, and advertising. Companies and individuals alike are always on the lookout for uniqueness, and we have just that.

In parallel, blockchain technology is currently being developed and becoming more and more used in everyday society and transactions.

That ‘s why we wanted to merge these two domains on our platform in order to allow people to design their own products with an functional platform secured by blockchain technology.


printex roadmap


Although the store is yet to be released, the developers are planning on opening the store for the public later on this month.

The developers so far has proven to be dedicated to this project and working hard to achieve their deadlines as stated in the roadmap.

Looking through their whitepaper they also plan on facilitating 3D printing at some point in 2019, I would suggest giving it read as they have some interesting ideas and is definitely an interesting project to invest in and keep an eye on.