The Japanese company unveiled its new flagship, and there are many questions that we are doing about it, because the bar has been set very high. Let’s take a look at everything we know about Sony Xperia Z1.

We started collecting the list of features that have been leaking different means:

  • 5 “screen with HD resolution AH-IPS technology and Triluminous
  • 20.6 Megapixel camera with lens ExmorRS sensor Sony G-lens
  • 2Mpx Front Camera Exmor R
  • Snapdragon Processor 800 2.2GHz quad-core
  • 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory
  • 3000 mAh Battery
  • WiFi, NFC, MHL
  • LTE Connectivity
  • 9 mm thick

How reliable are these features?

What looks like that will not fail is the most anticipated features of this Xperia Z1, the camera . Not only Sony has posted on their social networks a photograph of camera lenses confirming Xperia Z1 G , if not already had confirmation through the EXIF data in a photograph taken with this terminal that will effectively sensor 20.6 MP . This may be the most interesting and latest mobile, and brings to the fore with all the law a situation we have been talking for a long time, in the not all megapixel camera.

This discussion went back some years in the past, and comes to digital cameras, not Smartphones. The sensor has a certain size cannot continue to increase because then it would be very difficult to put it into a Smartphone and a lens of that size would serve to focus the light in that distance, and the more pixels we put, the smaller, what affects its performance and smooth operation. The technologies are improving and that allows to increase the resolution without losing quality, but there is a limit. Note that this limit is already being discussed between 8 and 13 megapixels, so 20.6 is a play put really risky. Sony needs to have an ace up its sleeve for a sensor here and really be an important development, but if you must be assured that it will be something big.

Something is much talk of interchangeable lenses that could accompany such developments in this terminal. Although they believe that would be a terrible idea and others embrace it as a positive change by changing the direction of Smartphone innovation in a different direction to what we have seen in recent months, but in any case this is far from a rumor very to consider. Could come, but for now I have to give a lot of credibility.

The other interesting feature of the Sony Xperia Z1 is the processor Snapdragon 800 . Does it make sense to be this who accompany? Well I would say that is certainly the most logical, as both Xperia S, T and Z have been faithful to Qualcomm, and it would be normal that the Z1 is put up on processor G2 LG and other competitors that are to come. Moreover is the processor that uses Xperia Z Ultra, so everything seems to fit.

Another confirmation on the official social networking by Sony is that the phone will be waterproof , keeping the bet that they did with Z and Z Ultra. Never far more than if we drop a glass of water at dinner over the phone it secured against unhappy end. And it is much appreciated, we speak of the high range. As we can see also in this top and those that have been filtered, the Z1 will have a headphone jack like the Ultra Z Flangeless water prevention , and Z as he did have the tab. This tab will wear with use and is uncomfortable for a connection that we use often, so it is appreciated that the tab is removed.

We could also see a large speaker on the back of the device in the filtered images, which indicates that Sony continues to improve every detail regarding the media on their devices. It is difficult to get good sound quality and volume with the external speaker waterproof device, and we are pleased to see that it will improve with this Z1.

You see the issue with the Xperia Z1 camera is over all, and the fact is that increasingly meaningless to speak of new Smartphones and stand as a new faster processor and a larger screen, is something that begins to bore and that is increasingly available to any manufacturer without too much effort. Need innovation in other ways , on drums, in performance, in the camera, on how the phone interacts with us and we hope that this year we talk much more about this kind of things that processors and benchmarks.

Also, in case you thought we had seen little of the Xperia Z1 before its presentation, Sony has released a teaser in which we can see almost all of this smartphone.