To many of you TV watching couch-potatoes out there, this modern human invention can seem like the best thing that has ever happened to civilized man since the discovery of fire. However the cost of buying a new TV set and the inconvenience of wearing those annoying 3D glasses puts the whole perspective of a 3 dimensional TV program just over the horizon. Even though the technology is still out there, many people are reluctant in changing their viewing habits just for the sake of watching something that would appear to be 3D. Maybe during the years to come we would see improvement in this department, but experts are skeptical whatever this will become the next big thing, like it was when HDTV first came our, or if its rather a dying cause.


iPhone 5

I mean seriously people, talk about redundant bull from what they call the ‘geniuses’ also known as Apple International. It is every 6 months they come up with some clever and innovative hardware solution, which is neither clever nor innovative. It is basically the same reheated piece of crud we have come to love and enjoy ever since Apple released the first sequel for the original iPhone. Longer, wider, faster? Give me a break! The only reason Apple launched a phone as lame as the iPhone 5 is to compete with that up and coming new star the Samsung Galaxy. An overblown price tag plus some minor gimmicky mods is not what a great smartphone make.


Xbox One

We all remember the good old days when you get home from school, slap your favorite video game cartridge on and get lost into the magical world of video games. Nowadays it is a little bit more strenuous than that. Ever since Microsoft first announced the release of what we hoped to be an improved version of the Xbox 360, rumors started going around as to the composition of their new platform. During the E3 annual conference, Microsoft shared some of its beliefs with the common people. As it turns out, the new Xbox One would not work without an internet connection and a device called the Kinect plugged in all the time. You will not be able to play your games on a different console other than your own, nor will you be able to play games from the old Xbox 360. Generally it is all one big disappointment.


The Oculus Rift

We all want to feel like we are a part of something bigger than ourselves. Back in 2012 the Oculus VR launched their first prototype of the 3D reality head monitor helmet, the Oculus Rift. From a marketing standpoint it was, and still is, like a dream come true. It is consumer oriented, so the tag price should not be a major issue. The problem however is that this sort of technology is in its very infancy. For now, we can expect the Oculus Rift 2.0 to come out some time next year, but whatever or not we will see any actual game titles that are compatible with the device is yet to be determined. One thing is for sure though, this invention is a far cry from what we might expect the future to hold for fans of interactive video games. Only time will tell if this is the right way to go or should we get back to the drawing board.

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