An Era of Communication

CommunicationI still remember that when I started my high school, the terms like “Online Learning” and “Student Collaboration on Internet” were not very common among the student communities but now the scenario is totally changed. Social media has pushed online learning and interaction among the students belonging to different parts of the world to a new level. Now, it only takes few seconds for the student sitting in New Delhi to know about the happenings in Oxford or California State University. This tremendous increase in the socializing of students does not only increase the flow of information between different regions of the world but have also given a platform to student where they can know about and avail the best opportunities available around the globe.

Facebook For StudentsFacebook For Students

When we talk about social media the first name come to our mind is certainly the Facebook (Orkut is now history, as someone has said that “Biggest migration that happened in the world’s history was from Orkut to Facebook”). So after viewing the success of Facebook the idea was to establish a portal which would serve as the “Facebook for Students”. Considering its educational and academic background the name “” was given to it.

It has almost been 4 years since its establishment and it had really served the purpose. Continual improvement has been made in the modification of overall layout of the website instead of the continuous improvement. Attaining a Google Page Rank of 4 (when there are millions of websites, older than the docsity, residing at below 4) is certainly an achievement for this student oriented website. To incorporate some fun and entertainment with the academic stuff, news section was launched which has some really informative stuff in it. It has its offices in many countries with the head office located in Italy (a proof of its multi-cultural approach)

DocSity: An Innovative Concept

DocSityFurthermore different other sections are also available on the website like Questions and Answers in which you can have the solutions of your queries regarding any subjects. Notes and Videos sections help you in understanding different concepts (which are actually quite difficult to learn in a normal class room environment). Registration on the site is very easy; you can even sign up with your Facebook account. For establishing a competitive kind of environment, different badges and points are given to the users. I would summarize my experience with docsity in following words “Learning was never as Fun and interactive like it is on docsity”.