Have you ever wanted to see how the Internet looked back in 1996, or remember how it was and fancy a gander down memory lane.

Wayback machine makes it possible to do that all you have to do is enter one of your favourite urls in the magical search bar, like magic you now can see how that website first looked!

I could truly spend hours just looking through old Internet sites and the sound of “oh yeah, I remember how that looked” – leaves my mouth often upon browsing.

There was just one disappointment though, when I clicked away on facebook.com which I’m sure 99.9% of the people do. I discovered that you are unable to view their old site, But hey I don’t think much of the design has changed up to now anyway.

Anyway, let’s take a look at some of the other big names in the Internet hall of fame.


The Year 1996 – MSN


MSN REALLY! Completely different to the MSN we all know and love today. I mean come on! the logo, the colours, my! my! it’s like they had to get an interior designer to change the whole look.

You can image some guy named wok taking a look, then under his breath tutting and demanding that this will not do it will all have to go.


The Year 1996 – Yahoo


Again very basic, but back then there was a limit in what you could actually do with web design, not like today of course with many types of languages and techniques at hand.

However, I remember being into yahoo at the time using that as my default search engine, not really sure why maybe the blue font caught my attention and stood out like a bunch of Smurfs on a skiing holiday.


 The Year 1998 – Google


The big dog of all sites! very basic of course, but even today they still share that same simplicity. They have however opted for a very old school shadow effect on the logo, put some colour on the page losing the whiteboard effect, with the steady change of the green at the bottom.


The Year 2003 – Skype


I looked at a cached image from Skype a few months prior to this image, and it stated very boldly that the next phenomenon will be arriving soon. How right were they!


The Year 2004 – Myspace


Back before facebook ever existed, Myspace was the site that dominated the social media market for those who remember. Myspace consisted of things that were unimaginable, back then I mean you could play music on your profile and change the style of your profile. How cool those times were!

You would register yourself and instantly have a friend named Tom, he would usually be your only friend for a while, unless of course you were very popular.


The Year 2005 – YouTube


Talk about save the best till last! I was very surprised when I saw this one, what was Youtube’s intentions starting out? with the search option ”I’m a male seeking a female” – looks more like a dating website with videos to me.

Take a look yourself! and get completely lost in some of your old favourite websites Wayback Machine