As everyone knows the ipad is great for playing games and throwing tiny birds at a tower of pigs although have you ever thought that apple could have a work base for the iPad. I know stop laughing it sounds ridiculous but bloggers have really started to take to the iPad. I think its because of the appeal of the iPad when it comes to reading articles on your favourite niche area. The bloggers love nothing more than to sit at their local watering hole and indulge in their favourite article over a pot of coffee. The apple company has began to catch onto this trend and design apps accordingly.

Stanza: This handy little app for the iPad is a social reader app that had become quite popular on the iPhone and iPod before is was crushed by amazon oh I’m sorry I guess that bought out is the accepted vernacular. Now amazon’s heart has grown ten sizes in that they have realised the hidden potential of stanza. This has allowed stanza to be released on the iPad in which all i can say is that its about time.

Tweetcaster: Now imagine a sexy little app that allows you to post to twitter and facebook at the same time which is where tweet caster comes in quite handy. Tweetcaster provides a single platform for both sites which turns out to be quite handy when it comes to getting the word out for your posts. This is becoming increasingly popular due to the recent integration of posterous with twitter services. I personally loved posterous although it looks like I might have to switch to the nice little app called tweet caster.

tweet caster
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This concludes my post on social media apps for the ipad now i know that there are plenty more out there and i would love nothing more to cover them all. Although the list is absolutely endless so if you think that there are some key social media apps out there that need to be discussed please feel free to add them to the comments section below.