As you would know the ipad has become one of the most popular tablets to ever hit the market.

Over A 14 month period apple sold over 25 million ipads, the ipad is also consuming about 80% of the tablet market in the US which may prove a serious issue for other tablets such as kindle.

Due to the popularity of the ipad continuing to rise i thought that i should provide some fast facts about the ipad.


ipad facts
ipad fast facts

Image sourced from IPad insight

The amount of ipad apps downloaded has exceeded 14 billion downloads since the year of 2008.

This means that the population is not only seeking out the ipad for its current functions but also for its various apps to add to their ipad experience. In my view I believe that the amount of apps downloaded will explode due to the recent upgrades for phones. These days if your phone is missing something that you need such as a note pad you can simply download an app to resolve this issue. We also live in a mobile world which means that the population will need various apps so they can complete tasks on the go such as blogging.

 The top three most downloaded ipad apps are pandora, google mobile app and movies by flixster.

This shows that the population is enjoying having a multimedia resource at their fingertips such as a place to store their images.

 These days a lot of apps are becoming free within the app community 37% to be exact.

This has added a significant amount if pressure fo app developers. The apps are now being stacked with adverts and upgrades just so the advertisers can get by. I think that the world should try to reverse this trend so we can all go back to games without getting frustrated with ads and costly upgrades.

This concludes my list of fast facts for the ipad. I hope this series of fast facts has shown you the importance of the ipad as a portable device as well as the many factors that are influencing the ipad and the mobile app market.


Jeff Bullas