Functionality of E-mail Marketing

In the early days of internet when there was no such prominent thing as internet security, people have literally earned millions of dollars via e-mail marketing.

Email Marketing Works in such a way that bulk e-mails are generated to several users with a very catchy subject line so that people are compelled to open these e-mails.

Most of the time such kinds of subject lines are used

“Your 5000 dollars are waiting for you”

“Your Name is Shortlisted”

“Your shipment has arrived”

“Someone is looking for you”

“Be a millionaire in a month”

Now there were two possibilities with such e-mails if you open them, it could be a scam or there was even a possibility that it’s some kind of marketing of a legitimate product.

Whatever the purpose of generating such e-mails it was achieved as soon as you open such e-mails. Now you might think that only opening such e-mails and not clicking on the link in the email could not harm you in any way, well let me tell you that people YOU ARE WRONG!!.

The people whom generate such emails are even aware of the fact that whether you hover over your pointer over their link or not. Your every single move can be observed by these people because when you open such emails you are in their territory.

Current Scenario

Email and Spams

E-mail marketing is still going on but it is comparatively more legitimate than past because of the stringent policies of companies like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail.

You might have noticed that now days such e-mails are only found in your junk or spam folders, they are not directed towards your inbox so that you become aware of the non-reliability of such e-mails.

These policies are so inelastic that sometimes you even find emails which are important to you in the junk folders (especially in Hotmail).

Limit on the Outgoing Emails

Well what’s the difference between past and present email marketing policies? The major difference is that email services have put an outgoing email limit on each free account so that you would not be able to generate thousands of emails.

Some email services also offer the unlimited outgoing emails but that comes with the premium account and you have to go through a proper registration process to have that facility.

Now, when you are registered your each activity is under scrutiny so there is a less chance from your side of generating any spammy emails.

Introduction of Captcha

Inventor of Captcha

There are always some loopholes and the evil genius in each field so when outgoing emails were limited to certain number.

Spammers started to generate thousands of free email accounts for the sake of email marketing. These people were so smart that they have written certain computer codes which used to automatically fill the email registration form and an email account was generated in no time.

This problem is dealt with the introduction of Captcha by Luis Von Ahn and his associates. The introduction of captcha is a very interesting story. If you want to know more about it then have a look on the following article regarding Introduction of Captcha.

The point which I tried to make is that there has always been two forces operating in the opposite direction in the world of email marketing and technological advancement and innovation is creating tools for both of them to counter balance each other.