iphones and ipads have come along way in the last few years and are quickly becoming more advanced and the more advanced it gets the more tricks you can do. I will show you here some of the most useful and basic tips to get you rock and rolling.

iOS  just has a ridiculous number of hidden bonus features now that are in no way immediately obvious to the untrained eye. If you are an ios jedi and have more tricks up your sleeve then please help out and leave some of your tips in the comment box below this post.

Now Let’s kick it off and start with the first Tip.

1. Closing Frozen Apps: iphone/ipad

close frozen app

Apps break sometimes. It happens. due to the way iOS freezes/unfreezes apps rather than actually closing them (thus allowing quick-switching between running apps), you’ll occasionally find yourself with an app that you just can’t seem to un-break. What should you do? You’ll need to reset your device, right? Nope.

Go to the homescreen. Double tap the home button (to bring up the App Switcher). Find the app you need to close and press the red minus looking circle to close the app. Relaunch the app from the homescreen, and it’ll be just like opening it up on a freshly reset device.

2. Taking pictures from The Volume button (iPhone)

Taking pictures from Volume button

If you’ve ever wished your iPhone camera had a physical shutter button, look no further. The phone’s volume up (+) button doubles as a shutter button whenever the Camera app is opened. This hard button feels sturdier all around, plus it makes it a cinch to take self-portraits or to tell strangers how to take a photo of you and your friends.

And speaking of handing your phone to strangers, Don’t forget about the lock-screen shortcut for opening the Camera: Slide up the camera icon (found at the bottom right of the home screen) to open Camera without unlocking the phone. You can do this with anyone’s phone, regardless of whether or not you know their password because it only opens the Camera app, locking you out of all other apps—and other photos and videos—on the phone. Just the photos or videos you take at that moment will be visible to you.

3. Muting The Volume (2 Options) ipad

muting ipad

Imagine this your playing a game and suddenly the theme music comes on nearly waking up your partner well you need to act fast and require a quick reaction to this situation. well.. here’s how to mute the ipad in a quick way.

(option 1) Simply press and hold the volume down button and the sound will turn off. To bring the volume back up just press the volume up button to increase the sound.

(option 2) Use the switch above the volume buttons on the side of the iPad. This switch was previously the rotation lock switch. iPads running iOS 4.2 now have rotation lock in the multitasking dock.iOS 4.3 makes it possible for iPad owners to change Settings and bring back the rotation lock switch. Now users can decide if they prefer the switch as a mute or rotation lock function.

4. Creating a super password with letters and characters  (instead of the default 4 digit code) iphone/ipad

advanced password

Most of us have a device password set. You know a four digit passcode to keep unwanted vistors out of your iPad or iPhone when you’re not looking. There are some of us who don’t think 10,000 different combinations of digits is enough. Some people even turn off simple passcodes and switch to letters too. Want to step it up another notch? Then throw in some accented and alternate letters too.

Step 1: Turn off Simple Passcodes

Just go to General -> Passcode Lock (you’ll be asked for your current passcode if you have one set) and then tap “Simple Passcode” to “OFF”.

Step 2: Set the new stronger passcode.

Once you turn Simple Passcodes off you’ll be asked to enter a new passcode. You’ll notice that the on screen keyboard pops up for this.

using more charactersTapping out lowercase and capital letters (and numbers, etc) you’ve got by now I expect, but accented letters or alternate characters you might not be familiar with. Getting to the letters is actually really easy, just tap and hold on a letter (like o in this example) and drag over to the character you want. Finish the new passcode, tap “Next” and re-enter the new über strong passcode. That’s it.

Just be careful about choosing a password that you can easily forget!

5. E-mail multiple pictures iphone/ipad

E-mail multiple picture

Until iOS 6, in order to email photos, you had to drop into the Photos app, open one photo at a time, and tap the Share via email button. You can still do this, or you can tap the Edit button in Photos and share multiple photos to email or other services like Facebook or Twitter.

In addition, however, you can insert pictures into an email right inside of Mail app, without ever having to leave the app to get your images, which is much more Mac-like, to be honest. I mean, if you’re sending an email, you want to be able to add photos right there. Right? Right.
Here’s how to do just that.

Launch Mail on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, and tap the new email button in the lower right hand corner of the screen (on the iPhone). The familiar email fields will show up and you can put in the intended recipient, any carbon copies, and a Subject.

sending multiple pictures iosThen, in the body of the email, double tap anywhere in the white space. When you do so, you’ll see the normal Select, Select All, and Paste pop up menu. Tap the right arrow there, and you’ll get an “Insert Photo or Video” option. Tap that button to get to the list of shareable photos, including your Camera Roll, your and others’ Shared Photo Streams, and any albums you’ve set up. Tap through to the photo you want to insert into email, and tap the blue Choose button. Your photo will pop itself into your email, inline.

You can’t yet add more than one photo at a time, so you’ll need to double tap below your first inserted picture and repeat the process for multiple images.