The Word on the street is that Apple will definitely be releasing a new iPhone this year, the question is will it be an updated iPhone 5S, a completely new iPhone 6 or a budget-friendly incarnation.
Apple could be giving the iPhone 5S a release date of August alongside a budget iPhone which will be aimed at taking on the Android budget market which has eaten away at Apple’s impressive sales figures.

There have also been several sources citing that the new iPad Mini and iPad 5 will be arriving in just a few months, however the new iPad Mini may not feature a Retina Display after all.

iPhone-5sReported by iMore, the website claims to have sources which have confirmed that not only will the iPhone 5S not feature a new body but that it will instead be getting a camera, memory and processor update.

These same sources have confirmed that Apple is considering an April release date for the next line of iPads however the website notes that if Apple really want to keep the price level for the iPad Mini it’ll be very difficult for them to give it a Retina Display.

The problem doesn’t lie with the Retina Display, instead it’s more to do with what the Retina Display would need which is a larger battery and some faster internals in order to cope with the screen resolution hike.

Finding information on a ‘budget’ iPhone is next to impossible despite the constant speculation however what is considered to be a certainty is that the device will follow the same philosophy as the iPad Mini by providing the same Apple build-quality and experience but by losing some of the more premium hardware features.