Facebook have announced it will unveil a brand spanking new look for its popular ‘News Feed’ later this week.

Facebook have invited reporters and analysts for its showcase of the new design on Thursday. The announcement comes nearly 18 months after Facebook’s last major change to have been rolled out to its popular News Feed.

The News Feed is a dedicated front page providing a continuous stream of posts and updates from a user’s friends. This can be altered to suit a user’s preferences on what they wish to see or not see in their individual browser.

The event will mark the second of Facebook’s high-profile announcements this year as January welcomed the new social search feature, which introduced bigger icons and more ways to view data on the site.

Speculation suggests that more attention and space will be given to photos and videos by formatting them to larger dimensions.

Facebook have made several moves lately in an attempt to keep users returning to the site. The new design will aim to encourage users to visit more often and spend more time browsing.

If the rumours are true, it could potentially mean great things for Facebook’s advertising branch as they will be able to offer bigger photos and videos in their commercial space.

FacebookCEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the new format to advertisers In January but has held back on releasing these adverts so as to bring them in at the same time without users being able to differentiate between friends and companies too easily.

Earlier this week, Facebook announced its purchase of an online advertising service, Atlas. The software, bought from Microsoft, helps companies track the popularity of their ads.

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