So lets say your a new PC user and new to windows or you are a regular user and just looking for some new software to optimize your PC.

I am always looking around personally for new software and most importantly free software to download because yeah I am a cheap skate like alot of people out there.

I don’t know why but when I see the word free I am immediately drawn to the subject what ever it is I guess in times like these every penny counts.

So lets get on with the list and what you really should have on your windows desktop or laptop and if not then get downloading for free.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials

Ok so we are starting with the real essential bit of software its free its basic but it does exactly what it says on the tin in terms of protecting your computer and keeping it safe from malware and viruses.

It has a real time protection and lets face it that’s vital if you are surfing away with worries that you might hit an unsafe site.

This lightweight piece of kit uses little ram so it doesn’t really slow your computer right down to keep you and your computer happy as larry.

Let Me Download It



Soluto If your PC takes a few days (well to you it feels like a few days)  to start up and get going, then Soluto is for you. Soluto runs during startup and identifies the programs that are taking the longest to open; it then gives you the option to prevent those programs from opening when you boot your computer in the future.

If you’re unsure whether you need to be running a program on startup, Soluto also shows you, in a handy pie chart, what percentage of other Soluto users choose to disable that program from starting. Crowd-sourced computer wisdom!

That’s my favorite use of Soluto, but there are several more on the dashboard. You can view your hard drive usage, change your default browser and homepage, manage applications on other computers, if family members need computer help (Hello Mum!); and check for Windows and anti-virus updates.

To cut around the bush, Soluto is a Swiss army knife you’ll want in your pocket.

Let Me Download It



OpenOfficeDidn’t get the Microsoft Office software suite with Windows or has now run it’s free trial? No worries!

OpenOffice is a free suite of productivity software with applications that can replace Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Access.

OpenOffice allows you to view documents created with Word and PowerPoint and Excel and what not while also allowing you to create those documents, too. It’s everything you would want from Microsoft Office.

Let Me Download It



7-ZipLet’s say you have just downloaded something and about to open the file but to your disgust it is an unknown format well in most cases you will have to unzip the file and extract it.

7-zip unzips compressed folders and also zips up uncompressed folders to save you that bit of space if you plan on keeping big files or even sending big files.

That’s when a good reliable bit of zip software comes to the rescue other software includes WinRAR and Winace. But hey! what are you gonna do with more then one bit of zip kit just download the one your happiest with.

Let Me Download It




Need that spring clean that your computer hasn’t had well originally known as “crap cleaner,” Ccleaner is a utility that scans your Windows machine and finds “crap” (temporary files, unneeded files, etc.) to recycle, with the aim of making your PC run faster.

Think of Ccleaner as a bloodhound sniffing out the inessential and space-hogging junk on your computer.

It’s an easy-to-use tool that ensures your computer to run as fast as it can. Run Crap-Cleaner often to keep your computer operating smooth and steady.

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Defraggler For those who don’t know what defragging is it’s very simple just Imagine that you have a book, but the pages are randomly scattered throughout your house.

You have a list of where each page is, so when you want to read your book you go find page 1, then you look on the list for page 2 and go to that, then look up page 3, and so on.

In order to read your book in order, you’re racing around the house like crazy because the pages are all over.

That’s a fragmented file. The sectors that make up the file are scattered all over the disk. The result is that when you access the file, Windows has to race all over the disk to retrieve the whole thing.

Defragmenting your hard drive is a necessary part of owning a computer.

It’s why Windows now turns on its onboard defragmenter by default. However, the options in that program are limited.

Defraggler outdoes it in every way imaginable. With quicker performance, more features and detailed statistics, this defragmenter is the only one you need.

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Google Picasa

Google Picasa

When it comes to a nice easy but highly effective picture editing piece of software hands down this is my favourite free bit of kit out there.

  • Picasa scans your computer for pictures and organizes them into albums based on folders and dates.
  • Automatic import from USB cameras, scanners, memory card readers, and CD drives. Supports RAW files.
  • Monitor selected folders for new pictures (including network drives).
  • Organize with virtual folders called Albums. Add keywords & search by keyword, caption, and album information.
  • Remove red-eye, crop, rotate, one-click enhance, auto and manual tuning, add text, and retouch . All edits can be reversed.

Let Me Download It