So here we are in the beginning of 2013 and what a great time to purchase a brand spanking new phone. Here is a low down and what to expect coming on the market “New Technology = good times”  Take a look at a few smartphones that might catch your eye and take your fancy. I personally am looking to buy a new phone this year and as a big fan of the apple iphone I was disappointed  in the iphone 5 so i guess I also will be looking else where this year.

1. LG Optimus F7 & F5


The F7 and F5 are designed to be entry-level to mid-range 4G LTE handsets, and as a result, they don’t pack the same punch as the Optimus G Pro. Both handsets come running Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2, and look relatively similar. The Optimus F7 has a 4.7-inch True IPS display, an overclocked 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and an 8MP camera, whilst it’s 4.3-inch brother comes with a little less snap in its CPU, and a smaller camera sensor.

Price: TBC | Release Date: Q2 2013

2. Fujitsu Arrows X


Fujitsu’s new flagship is a thing of angular beauty, but thanks to a quad-core Tegra 3 and 2GB RAM, it’s as much substance as it is style. All this processing power directs Android Jelly Bean traffic on a lively, crisp 5-inch 1080p screen, whilst the back panel has a finger print scanner to make your phone all the more secure. Pretty cool, right? Oh, by the way… we’ll probably never see this phone in the UK. Never mind eh?

Price: TBC | Release Date: TBC

3. LG Optimus G Pro


The version of the Optimus G Pro that will be hitting the US – and hopefully the UK – is an absolute monster of a phone, complete with a 5.5-inch, 400ppi screen, and Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 600 processor. The rear camera is a healthy 13MP, along with a 2.1MP front-facing snapper, perfect for showing off LG’s latest brainchild – a feature that lets you film on both cameras at the same time, for perfect YouTube reaction videos.

Price: TBC | Release Date: TBC (US Q2 2013)

4. Nokia Lumia 520


Nokia’s quest to conquer the emerging markets continues with the Lumia 520 – a remarkably well priced handset given it’s specs. There’s a 1GHz dual-core Snapdragon CPU (the same one that features in the Lumia 720) and 512MB RAM under the bonnet, with a 4-inch WVGA (800 x 480) IPS display up top. The hardened glass in the display is also super sensitive, so it can be used even when you’re wearing gloves.

Price: £120 | Release Date: Q1/2 2013

5. ZTE Open w/ Firefox OS


The world has been waiting with baited breath for Mozilla OS, and finally it has arrived thanks to ZTE and their ‘Open’ ‘smartphone’. The Open’s CPU is a tad underwhelming, clocking in under 1GHz, but is bolstered by 256 whole rams, a 3.5-inch, 480 x 320 display that may or may not be taken straight from a Nintendo GameBoy and a modest 3.2MP camera. Still excited? Well, you’ll have to move to Spain, Venezuela or Colombia to get your hands on one, for the moment at least. Totally worth it though.

Price: TBC | Release Date: TBC

6. Nokia Lumia 720


The Lumia 720 packs similar specs to the smaller Lumia 520 – 1GHz dual-core Snapdragon CPU, 512MB RAM and an 800 x 480 WVGA IPS display. But what the 520 lacks in features, the 720 has by the bucket load. Firstly, there’s the slim form factor – just 9mm and weighing only 128 grams. Then there’s the customary Carl Zeiss lens in the 6.7MP rear snapper, and a 1.3MP front facing camera to match, making this a well priced mid-range package.

Price: £220 | Release Date: Q2 2013