Want to know the best iPhone apps to download in 2013? What about the free Android apps to get you through the next twelve months? we got your app life covered…

To help you in the quest to load up your smartphone with the best time-killers and apps to make the most of the year ahead, we’ve handpicked apps across the platforms that warrant your immediate attention.

So whether you’re an Apple iPhone 5 user, a Google Android lover, a BlackBerry fiend, or a Windows Phone newbie, switch on your Wi-Fi or 3G to download our selection of this month’s hottest apps.


Dragon's DreamApp of the month: Dragon’s Dream

If, as Bill Bailey once urged Simon Pegg in Spaced, you “defend the fantasy genre with terminal intensity”, you’ll probably be familiar with Roger Dean. He’s the old-school artist responsible for the multicoloured landscapes that adorn the albums of Yes and Asia, not to mention the iconic games of Amiga stalwart Psygnosis.

Well, he’s made an iOS game, and you know what? It’s exactly like Whale Trail, except it replaces the cutesie Moby Dick with – you guessed it – a dragon, and the former’s hand-holding energy bar with frustrating instant death on any impact. Yet this is less a game and more interactive art. As Dean himself attests, “I’ve always wanted to produce something that would allow people to explore the worlds I created and experience a different way into the paintings.” So it is, in fact, a guided tour of his greatest hits, with high-score bells on. Viewed as such, it’s really rather good. The soundtrack is suitably trippy, the illustrated worlds lush and it dishes out so many wallpapers as level prizes that you could print them off and start a head shop.

Price: £2.99 | Download Dragon’s Dream iPhone app


Groove Coaster ZeroGroove Coaster Zero

Tap your screen to the rhythm of plinky-plonky space-age techno as the notes come up. Think Guitar Hero but with more sci-fi, less cock rock.

Price: Free | Platform: iOS | Download Groove Caster Zero iPhone app


Nitrome TouchyNitrome Touchy

Play such classic games as Super Snotput on your PC, laptop or tablet’s internet browser, whilst using your iDevice as a separate controller.

Price: Free | Platform: iOS | Download Nitrome Touchy iPhone app


Shove ProShove Pro

You are Lars Speedwagon, stuntman and professional shover. Escape your enemies by flinging people into their path. Check out the trailer, it’s genius.

Price: £1.49 | Platform: iOS | Download Shove Pro iPhone app



Grab yourself 70 free minigames, including faintly familiar titles like Nom-Man and Shape Ninja. New games added every Tuesday, too.

Price: Free | Platform: Windows Phone 7.5+ | Download Taptitude Windows Phone app


Sync your android device with a wide range of cloud storage services, including Dropbox and Skydrive. Includes a great file manager, too.

Price: £1.95 | Platform: Android | Download FolderSync Android app



Going one step further than recommending restaurants, this app wants to know where you’re going, so that its users can recommend dishes.

Price: Free | Platform: Windows Phone 7.5+ | Download Foodspotting Windows Phone 7.5 app

Google Play MusicGoogle Play Music

A dedicated cloud storage for 20,000 songs and a newly launched google music store, with more than 13 million tracks available to download.  And it’s streamable across all of your android devices, even your desktop computer.

Price: Free | Platform: Android | Download Google Play Music Android app



Get last-minute bargain offers on hotels around europe. one hundred major cities are listed and more are added each day. come on, Skegness!

Price: Free | Platform: BlackBerry 6.0+ | Download Hot BlackBerry app



Finally, a free satnav app for BlackBerry. it’s not comprehensive, but has turn-by-turn navigation, speed cam alerts and live updates.

Price: Free | Platform: BlackBerry 6.0+| Download M8 BlackBerry app