So maybe your thinking what other apps can i download what will benefit my needs. I was thinking the same and continue to look for what new and cool apps are out there. Meanwhile here is a top 10 of what i think is the best apps out there at the moment that you should download for free if you haven’t already.

1. Skype

Ok I’m not going to mess about probably most people already have this app but for those small majority who doesn’t then this is an essential app. If you like to talk, video and message for free with loved ones or random people over the Internet then download this app now as it will not cost you a penny to chat unless of course you call to someone without skype like a mobile phone user.


2. WhatsApp

This is a application based on text chatting why pay for SMS messages when you can use this for free providing the other person has it and you have an Internet connection.



3. Shazam


Now this is a personal favourite of mine because I love music and listen to it pretty much all hours of the day. What does it do you ask lets say your listening to a song on the radio or you hear a song at a party you like and you want the name of the song, This app will give it to you directly just by the touch of a button. Phew you can relax now and download your chosen song.


4. Viber

ViberContinuing on communications this app lets you call and message for free again providing that the other user has also the app. Free calls and messages surely there can’t be people out there paying for international calling if so download this app as most people have and use it.


5. Zynga Poker

If your a poker lover and like a bit of fun this app is cool it’s used worldwide on facebook and lets you play with fake money you can get this either by various gifts they send to you or by paying for facebook credits. But be careful it’s highly addictive but very enjoyable to play.


6. Facebook

Now Now Now! If you don’t already have facebook on your phone or pad then you must be from mars but welcome to earth and download this app as it is probably the most used app in the world at a guess. You can control your facebook account and update your status, pictures and content directly from your phone or pad.


7. Power Cam

I personally prefer this app to instagram as it has more filters and options to change the style or look of your pictures. If you like taking a lot of pictures or just a bit vain then this is a nice app for you as it gives you more options and controls to style your final production to your satisfaction.


8. Voucher Cloud

Do you like to save money on deals either on shopping, eating out, flights, entertainment and so on it has it all in one place. This app has various coupons and hot deals to save you time and money. Again my personal favourite out of all of the money saving apps.


9. Tunein Radio

If your a music lover and like various styles this app brings you all the radio stations in the world to one place. It will let you save and organise your stations also to your favourites brilliant app if you fancy a change of style maybe looking for a bit of salsa or even some classical Italian download this to take that fancy.


10. What’s My IQ

If you like a bit of fun on those bored times then this app currently ranked #1 in the world will cure that. It’s a whole new puzzle game with a series of creative puzzles, and absurd solutions that you will never ever thought of! Each puzzle is unique and pushes your creative thinking to the limit. Think out-of-box, don’t think straight.