Making Money is searched 4,090,000 times a month globally on the Internet, where as Make Money Online keyword is searched 550,000 times a month.

By this study, we can understand that people are desperate towards making money online.

They want to know the secret of making money online.

Yes, there is a secret of making money online, and I am going to reveal the secret in front of you. This secret formula was followed by many top online money makers.

■1. Making money online is a simple task, but it takes time to reach the goal. You will not become rich quickly. If someone gives you the offer to “earn quick money online”, then take time to think that, if they give you the offer by doing so and so, why don’t they try that method? Why are they are not making money online.

■2. How simple it is? Follow these steps, first get attention from the people, next sell your product and final step is Repeat the first step.

■3. How can I get attention from Internet users? You can! To get attention, you can build a website or blog. But you need to set up a nice and clean blog with a niche, by which you can solve your reader’s problems. You should select your favorite topic to your blog and you should stick to it. Getting attention is not a quick process, you should make your own identity and you should try something different than other bloggers do. It might take some time and you should have patience to make your own identity.

■4. During the process of getting attention, you can make some decent money by using advertisements like Google Adsense, Adbrite, Chitika or BuySellAds. Remember; don’t make the earnings from Ad networks as your main goal. You can do much more than that by selling your own product.

5. What product can I sell? During the getting attention process, you can even make money online by implementing any affiliate product’s links on your blog. But, it is not your product. These products are sold even by the other bloggers too. You should create your own product, it might look little tougher now for the beginners, but, you will learn by experience in the process of creating your identity (process of increasing your blog readers).

■6. You can create eBooks, which will help many users and upcoming bloggers. You can sell your Blog brand’s T-Shirts, Mugs and photo frames. You can sell some money making guides and you can even use your own unique product. But it should help the buyers and it should sound attractive, that people will open their wallet to buy your product.

■7. You should diversify your blog’s niche, by creating some other niche blogs like Lifestyle, Tech, Health etc. Don’t diversify your niche in the first attempt. Concentrate on your first blog for some long time and once you got a good reader base, then you are ready to go. This diversification will help you to maintain balance the income from your diversified source. You can balance the income from your Advertisements, Ad spaces, eBooks and other things, which you are going to sell.

■8. Do not sell your products directly to your readers face. Create some interesting articles related to your product and provide them the reason to buy your products. Think out of the box and don’t follow any particular blogger. If you are unique, then you will make quick money online. You should have confidence in yourself. Confidence is must here.

■9. Many people create blogs, post articles and wait for some times, then they will find no good readers and finally they will leave the field. Some bloggers satisfy themselves by earning from Ad networks. Some of them want to make money in a month or two. If they won’t make money in these periods, then they will fly away. So, be patience and have patience. Stick to your niche, post interesting articles regularly. Don’t think about selling your products during your initial days. Wait for it, you will become rich and you can earn decent money online.

■10. Final conclusion is, there is no any secret ingredient, as mentioned in the film “Kung Fu Panda”. It will apply in making money online also. You should look inside yourself and feel the secret lying inside you. No one can give you the secret of making money online. If they give you, then you will think that, it is not secret, it is the same thing I have heard from some other guys. So, believe in yourself and get started.