1.Panasonic TC-P54VT25

So far, Panasonic ranks the highest in offering the best 3D TVs in town. Panasonic has really outdone itself in designing its line of Viera VT25 3D TVs. Its 54 inch TC-P54VT25 plasma TV has really reached excellence in providing the best 3D TV viewing experience. Although the 3D TVs from LG and Sony don’t lag far behind but the quality and clarity of picture that you get in this Panasonic television is truly amazing in addition to the many inlets and internet connectibility.

If you ever wondered the experience of watching something on 3D TVs would be exceptional or not, you are definitely going to get an answer on this piece of technology. The brilliance of color coupled with the outclass 3D technology will make the image fly into your own living room – A truly wonderful TV viewing experience.

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2. LG 55LX9500

LG, another famous brand which has been known to manufacture the best TVs ever, now takes part in the ranking of producing the best 3D TVs as well. A beautifully designed TV holds this second spot because its design and beauty of shape has reached an unmatched excellence. The picture quality and colors are again very smart, bright and realistic in the LG Infinia 55LX9500 but still not satisfying as the Panasonic. But with its very slim body and minutest bezel around it, it is still one of the best TVs money can buy.

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3. Samsung UN55C8000

Un55C8000 is a 3D TV produced amongst the 8000 series of Samsung. With 55 inch of wide display screen it is indeed a beautiful thing to own. With an enhanced refresh rate of 1080p display it outshines many of its LCD predecessors and its suits the 3D TV viewing. This 240 Hz allows the playback of movies at the rate of 24 frames per second which is great for video synchronization.

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4. Sony XBR-60LX900

Sony XBR-60LX900 is for sure also one of the best 3D TVs that the market has yet to offer. It is built on a smart technology that separates from all other 3D TVs. With every other 3D TV you would be watching the screen but for how many 3D TVs can you say that they watch you back. Sony has made a firm ground in the market when it comes to buying the best TVs but with the XBR-60LX900 Sony has outdone itself. With a small camera placed under the screen you can be sure that the TV is watching you making sure you are watching it back; because when the viewer’s head turns, the TV dims itself and it can also sound an alarm if the kids get too close to it.

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5. Panasonic TX-P42VT30B

Another one of the best 3D TVs is the Panasonic TX-P42VT30B which has left no stone unturned in providing the best 2D and 3D viewing experience. It comes with a great many connections and ports and a Wi-Fi Dongle. It is beautifully built and is the perfect answer for the AV enthusiasts.

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6. Samsung UE46D7000

Samsung UE46D7000 is built on the latest flat screen TV technology and has the ability of 3D downloads. Built on an iconic design, its technology and versatility is very hard to beat. The 46 inch screen has a very thin bezel and you can even download a 3D app to watch latest film trailers.

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7. Philips Cinema 21:9 Platinum

This piece is one of the first set in the line of 3D TVs by Philips. The ratio of 21:9 is a better ratio than the usual 16:9 setting of the older TVs. This gives a more sense of depth. It has a 58 inch screen which is full LED backlit. Although Philips claims that it has done a lot to remove the chances of cross talk, yet it is still there. But other than that, it is no doubt a beautiful 3D TV.


8. Bang &OlufsenBeoVision 4-85

Bang &OlufsenBeoVision 4- 85 is not only one of the best 3D TVs but also one of the more expensive ones as it has a large screen with a robotic camera, speaker opportunities, home automation options, iPhone app and touchscreen remote.


9. Sharp LC-60LE925UN

Sharp LC-60LE925UN is a prominent one of the best 3D TVs. When the company started to produce its line of 3D TVs, it did so with a new Quattron Technology which made the use of a yellow sub-pixel to the already red, blue and green sub-pixels that are used in the production of LCD displays. This addition, according to Sharp gives an extra edge to the clarity of picture and colors.


10. Mitsubishi WD-60738

For one thing you would not expect best TVs to show up for a very good price but the Mitsubishi WD-60738 will leave you in awe. This TV from a whole range of other 3D TVs is built on a complete HDTV technology that also makes use of DLP or Digital Light Processing rear projection technology which can convert any image to 1080p that was originally not so.