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Is Dash The Digital Currency To Overtake Bitcoin?

Is Dash The Digital Currency To Overtake Bitcoin?

by Mark Abu-Jaberon March 28, 2017
Well it is 2017 and who would of thought that 1 bitcoin is now worth over $1000 and rising, I guess not the regretful few who lost out with various computer problems and issues all those years ago before the boom, resulting in hundreds and thousands worth of bitcoins literally vanishing into thin air. For […]
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Steemit The New Social Media Platform That Pays You To Contribute

by Mark Abu-Jaberon March 28, 2017
Imagine getting paid to post content, comment or even just vote without trying to do so, if that makes sense? Well introducing Steemit the new social media platform that could well be every Author, Commenter and Readers dream social media platform to use. Steemit plugs into a robust blockchain database called Steem, which distributes rewards […]

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Attractive & Modern “Domain For Sale” Landing Page

by Mark Abu-Jaberon January 30, 2017
For those that are into the domain selling business or just looking to sell an old domain that may be worth a few quid, I have the best solution for you. Introducing Domain Seller a landing page to sell your domains, it is hassle free and can get you set up in no time to […]

How to Stop Internet Abuse at Workplace

by Aline Carraraon December 7, 2016
The Internet is a massive library which allows us to access almost anything from anywhere in the world. It has become an irreplaceable resource, a data bank where everything from news to social media updates to encyclopedia to porn is available, just a click away. This has raised serious problems for employers who are unable […]


10 Things You Should Know About Windows 10

by Mark Abu-Jaberon September 26, 2015
The highly anticipated all new operating system from Microsoft, Windows 10, has finally been released. For some months now, if not past couple of years, Microsoft has been working hard in making their new OS the best yet. Their last release Windows 8,…

5 Ways to Make Your Laptop Last Longer

by My Blog Gueston July 11, 2013
If you do not take good care of your computer, it will wear out fast. Computers are made in such a way that the better care you give them, the longer they last. This is the reason why you need to ensure that you do everything possible to ensure that your computer is well taken […]

Speed Up Your Blog / Website And Reduce The Loading Time By Up To 70% In 2 Simple Steps

by Mark Abu-Jaberon May 1, 2013
The last week I have been working on speeding up thefuturetech I was personally fed up with the slow speed of the site and decided to really put my effort and concentration in doing so. It’s one of those neccessary things on that list of creating a website, so I researched and researched and came […]

DocSity: A New Approach to Learning

by Puja Bhatiaon May 1, 2013
An Era of Communication I still remember that when I started my high school, the terms like “Online Learning” and “Student Collaboration on Internet” were not very common among the student communities but now the scenario is totally changed. Social media has pushed online learning and interaction among the students belonging to different parts of the […]

A Social Educational Hub :

by Puja Bhatiaon April 9, 2013
I often think that Educational Process must start backwards. We have plenty of time in our childhood, so harder studies must be done during that period. Then, as we grow up, responsibilities and activities increase, leaving us with less time for studies. Well, that is just wishful thinking and obviously not possible. However, one thing […]

Using the ipad for social media

by Jamie Thornberryon April 6, 2013
As everyone knows the ipad is great for playing games and throwing tiny birds at a tower of pigs although have you ever thought that apple could have a work base for the iPad. I know stop laughing it sounds ridiculous but bloggers have really started to take to the iPad. I think its because of the […]