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Futuristic Home Technology for 2017

by Philipon January 23, 2017
According to New York architect Victor Vitterlein, “The only path forward is to harness solar, wind and water for power and to use the power of computers to design, build and maintain homes.” The good news is that the technology that will make the homes of the future possible is already available today. Technology in […]

The Shazam of Faces Introducing Blippar

by Mark Abu-Jaberon December 7, 2016
Have you ever seen someone’s face and been struck with an overwhelming sense of familiarity but were unable to place them? Well, that could soon change. A new face-reading feature on an augmented reality app called Blippar has caused controversy and prompted fears about the inevitable demise of public privacy. The app allows users to […]


LG’s New Wallpaper TV as Thin as a Credit Card

by Mark Abu-Jaberon December 7, 2016
Introducing the worlds first OLED curved TV that sticks to the wall with magnets and under 1mm thick. Thanks to OLED technology, one of the leading companies in electronics, South Korean LG Electronics, launched their ultra thin 55′ TV’s which captured the attention of everyone back in May 2015. The new product is 0.97 mm […]

Vehicle UIs of the Future Are Going to Be Amazing

by Irinaon October 19, 2016
The state of UI design in most vehicles today is widely criticized for being unintuitive, outdated, and aesthetically unappealing. Car manufacturers have been slow to implement the quality of design that other industries assume as standard. As a result, many designers have taken on this opportunity to speculate how the future of vehicle UIs will […]


Jaguar’s Virtual Windscreen Driving Experience

by Mark Abu-Jaberon September 6, 2016
Jaguar Land Rover is attempting to make blind spots a thing of the past with their revolutionary Virtual Windscreen, as we explain this concept in more detail this type of technology could actually save lives. Jet fighters have had head-up display (HUD) since the early 1970s, but the technology has never transitioned to automobiles. Jaguar […]

Cars Of The Future: 5 Ways Driverless Cars Will Change Driving Forever

by bobbygon November 13, 2015
The technology for completely driverless cars is not ready yet. However, these cars are in development and some pilot programs have already arranged. In the UK, a small number of cars will be transporting people in Milton Keynes. The cars will travel on restricted roads only in order to test how they will run without […]

coco the robot

Coco, the most advanced robot the world has ever seen

by Mark Abu-Jaberon October 21, 2015
Introducing the latest in android technology and she goes by the name of Coco, this life like robot was introduced at the Gitex Technology week in Dubai. The amazing footage below shows Coco speaking in both arabic and english, she has quite the calm manner about her and appears to be very knowledgable (as you […]
flying car

Flying Cars Could Be Coming Sooner Then You Think

by Mark Abu-Jaberon August 20, 2015
So here we are in 2015, so many previous movies have predicted that by now our skies will be full of self driving flying cars. Flying car company Terrafugia promised to release a flying car called the Transition in 2009, to customers. Which has not yet happened, but wait… Behold the TF-X. TF-XTM Goals: Safety Operating a TF-X™ vehicle should […]

New Roads In The UK To Charge Electric Vehicles As They Drive

New Roads In The UK To Charge Electric Vehicles While Driving

by Mark Abu-Jaberon August 17, 2015
Highways England announced last week that it is embarking on an 18-month scheme to trial charging lanes after completing an early feasibility study. (The testing won’t be on public roads just yet, though.) During the trials, vehicles will be fitted with wireless technology and special equipment will be installed beneath roads to replicate motorway conditions. […]

How free customer Wi-Fi can improve your business

by Chris Tayloron January 22, 2014
Wi-Fi is everywhere now. In our homes, in the cinema, in the street. Wherever you go, there is almost always a Wi-Fi connection. Then there’s that feeling of sheer panic when you walk into your favourite bar or shop and realise that (shock horror) they don’t have Wi-Fi inside. You’re so enraged, that it’s enough to […]