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DocSity: A New Approach to Learning

by Puja Bhatiaon May 1, 2013
An Era of Communication I still remember that when I started my high school, the terms like “Online Learning” and “Student Collaboration on Internet” were not very common among the student communities but now the scenario is totally changed. Social media has pushed online learning and interaction among the students belonging to different parts of the […]

Early Days of E-Mail Marketing-The Reign of Spammers

by Puja Bhatiaon April 18, 2013
Functionality of E-mail Marketing In the early days of internet when there was no such prominent thing as internet security, people have literally earned millions of dollars via e-mail marketing. Email Marketing Works in such a way that bulk e-mails are generated to several users with a very catchy subject line so that people are […]

A Social Educational Hub :

by Puja Bhatiaon April 9, 2013
I often think that Educational Process must start backwards. We have plenty of time in our childhood, so harder studies must be done during that period. Then, as we grow up, responsibilities and activities increase, leaving us with less time for studies. Well, that is just wishful thinking and obviously not possible. However, one thing […]