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How free customer Wi-Fi can improve your business

by Chris Tayloron January 22, 2014
Wi-Fi is everywhere now. In our homes, in the cinema, in the street. Wherever you go, there is almost always a Wi-Fi connection. Then there’s that feeling of sheer panic when you walk into your favourite bar or shop and realise that (shock horror) they don’t have Wi-Fi inside. You’re so enraged, that it’s enough to […]

Will Snapchat emerge as the next great social app?

by Chris Tayloron May 21, 2013
The latest hot app, Snapchat, has everyone talking about the lifespan of content. But why is this? Despite the app’s early success, its comparisons to several, other major players in the social software market – and questions surrounding its security and future – have got us wondering if this is just a flash in the pan. […]