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Top 10 CPM Advertising Resources

by on April 22, 2014

When looking into ways to drive traffic to your business’s website, you’ve probably done research on keywords, search terms and other methods for increasing search engine rankings. What about ways to monetize your website or blog apart from the products or services you have to offer? What if you could be paid just for the traffic that you bring in on a regular basis?

It’s possible, thanks to Cost Per Impression or CPM advertising. Instead of traditional advertising services like Google AdSense that pay per click or per action — which could work against you by drawing visitors away from your brand — CPM advertising networks pay for each set of one thousand impressions. They pay for people who happen to see their ads while visiting your site. This requires no action on your part after the initial set up.

CPM advertising networks are readily available, and it’s easy for website owners to sign up. From there, a code is played on a specific website and the owner of that site is paid per thousand impressions; the number of clicks or interactions is irrelevant. Rates can be fixed or variable depending on the advertiser, your location, the topic of your site and so on.

It sounds too good to be true, right? It’s not. However, choosing the right CPM advertising resource is essential to making a site profitable and making the effort worthwhile. Check out the top 10 below.

1. Tribal Fusion

Well-known and respected in the world of CPM, Tribal Fusion is an advertising network that is comprised of respected marketers, which allows profits to be at the highest possible level. The system is easy to use, simple to manage and allows for additional earning opportunities through revenue sharing and $50 cash outs.

2. Vibrant Media

Known as the world leader in contextual technology, Vibrant Media aligns premium publishers with advertisers to reach 250 million unique visitors per month. Their tools make setting up a CPM campaign simple and their smart technology ensures that the ads displayed on your site match the interests of visitors. Subject matter alignment is critical for successful advertising campaigns of any kind.

3. Adify

Owned by Cox Digital Solutions, Adify empowers blog and site managers by connecting them with advertisers with a focus on engagement. Their services maximize revenue and are built on smooth, simple processes. Website managers have control — to a certain extent — over ad revenue, reach and platforms.

4. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser puts total control in the hand of website managers and bloggers, leading to increased profit potential. Bidvertiser shows ads from the highest advertising bidder, which maximizes your profit in the long run. Earnings are based on click, not impression, but, the system is seen as an excellent alternative to traditional CPM advertising. With payout minimums of only $10, it’s a good fit for most business owners looking to bring in a little extra on the side.

5. Ad Pepper

With a comprehensive offering of products and technologies, Ad Pepper connects advertisers with publishers in a straightforward and simple manner. They also provide educational tools to help webmasters maximize their profits in the long run.

6. BannerConnect

BannerConnect works off a single system that handles all ads and data, keeping the process fast and efficient. Data is available in real time and users are connected with advertisers that match the interests of their visitors. If your company wants to use BannerConnect’s technology to advertise preowned equipment, the ads served will be relevant to people looking for used heavy equipment, not to people who are simply looking for a used lawnmower. That distinction is critical for the successful marketing of your product. Having been in the business for 18 years, BannerConnect is a stable, trustworthy option for brands interested in CPM advertising.

7. Ad4Game

Designed as a high-yield CPM advertising company, Ad4Game provides advantages that can be hard to find elsewhere. Publishers can choose from various platforms from to ensure continuity across the board. Each impression is worth something, meaning traffic to your site could be worth more than ever. Earnings can be requested monthly via PayPal with no minimum payouts, making it a viable, attractive option for starting a CPM campaign.

8. Adtegrity

An online advertising network with unique access to a variety of content channels, Adtegrity gives website owners the ability to maximize their profits by maximizing ad impacts. While it has specific criteria — 500,000 page views monthly with 50% originating from the United States — this is a worthwhile tool for increasing ad profits.

9. Technorati Media

As the largest social media advertising network in the world, Technorati seems to thrive on relationships with top brands and high CPM advertising returns. Using their relationships with top search engines — Google, MSN, Yahoo! and more — Technorati offers a unique opportunity for businesses primarily utilizing social media networks for outreach.

10. Burst Media

Bust Media is a straightforward, zero complications CPM advertising company delivering high quality campaigns and total control of the process to bloggers and webmasters across the Internet. While a minimum of 25,000 page views or 5,000 unique views are required per month to get started, this platform has removed the obstacles and complications sometimes associated with the process.

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