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A Social Educational Hub : Docsity.com

by on April 9, 2013

I often think that Educational Process must start backwards. We have plenty of time in our childhood, so harder studies must be done during that period. Then, as we grow up, responsibilities and activities increase, leaving us with less time for studies. Well, that is just wishful thinking and obviously not possible. However, one thing is certain and that is lack of time when you are studying in college. Social media, social activities and attractions everything suddenly boosts in college life, while the studies get harder and harder. As a result students often do what attracts them, the little rebel in all their minds make them bunk classes and as a result a lot of students flank in many courses just in their first semesters. I faced a similar dilemma in my college time too, time-management getting out of my hands and my routine getting more bizzare by each passing day. I was in a dire need of educational guidance and reference books and notes to prepare myself better for the approaching exams. Like all students, I am a social network addict too and that’s where I came across a social hub for students- DocSity.com.

Docsity.com is an extensive collection of notes, news, queries and blogs for educational purposes. You even find lectures, Powerpoint slides and related quizzes on the site that help you better understand the important related topics of any imginable course. My personal favourite section of the site is question and answers, where you get the opportunity to interact with students from all over the world as a bonus for getting an answer to your question. The site is user friendly with a welcoming main page. The news section comprises of wonderful news articles from around the world, keeping you up-to-date with the happenings in the world and adding to pur general knowledge. I found this section very absorbing and this is the section I seek after during my leisure time.

During my entire college course, DocSity.com has helped me in ways I could never even dream about. I did not have to beg my friends for notes anymore. I am now almost always ahead of other students at keeping notes and even the teachers appreciate the assignments I make taking help of the lectures from Docsity.com. Inspite of this, I never keep the key of my excellence to myself. I am always recommending DocSity.com to fellow students and they are always gratified for that. It has been something I would never have done better without, and I will always be thankful to DocSity.com for that.

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