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Google Adsense Does It Really Make Sense?

by on March 26, 2013

So let me start with what adsense is (for anyone who doesn’t know about adsense) It is basically googles advertising agency and they are the middle man making the real money.

If you are a webmaster and you would like to make a little money. Then you can simply apply for an adsense account from google and make a percentage on a pay per click basis, So when someone clicks on an advert that is assigned on your site you get a percent out of that click.

And as the advertiser you submit your banner, advert ect to google that will be randomly selected on websites that have chosen adsense.

google_adsenseNow! before you think about having adsense on your site just to be warned, They can simply just disable your account at any given time without warning! because that’s how they roll unfair? yup! tell me about it.

Having read alot of stories about the issue and peoples personal experience it seems to me that it doesn’t make sense. If you have done nothing wrong to violate their terms (ie: clicking your own adverts).

In my case I didn’t do that or violate any other terms and in other peoples case the same thing.

Maybe someone got bored and started clicking ads on a maniac rampage and google clocked on to this and said hey! Too many clicks at once better close them down boys!

Come on google! you should really do your homework before disabling accounts and taking funds from people.

But the best part is they don’t tell you why they do it just give you a bunch of crap that doesn’t prove anything.  As quoted by the adsense team here.

google quote

We appreciate the additional information you’ve provided, as well as your continued interest in the AdSense program. However, after thoroughly re-reviewing your account data and taking your feedback into consideration, our specialists have confirmed that we’re unable to reinstate your AdSense account.

-google adsense team

googleadsenseGee! thanks google.

Now I can carry on assured knowing that the problem was my fault and that nothing I could have done to prevent this from happening.

But on the plus side it has opened my eyes to alot of other advertising opportunities which I didn’t really take that serious before.

So I would advice you to do your homework on this issue before you start building up your adsense account because nothing is concrete and nothing is really explained with them.

To be honest there are so many other options out there like Passionfruit Ads my personal favorite advertising agent. I am very impressed with the way they handle everything.

Also Affiliate Window I’ve been dealing with for well over a year and never had a problem with them plus good pay outs. (Click on the banner to join the program)

google adsense

So to sum up personally I think that google adsense doesn’t make sense when it comes to their way of dealing with customers and the way they handle business.

If you have had the same experience or have any questions about the issue then don’t hesitate to drop a comment in the box below.

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