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New iPad Mini release date, price, specs, news & rumours

by on October 9, 2012

iPad Mini: When is it out?

Apple is expected to whip the covers off the iPad Mini in weeks, specifically, on October 17, to fend of competition from rival firms, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Google, which launched the Google Nexus 7 tablet a few months back.

At first, critics found it hard to believe that Apple would launch a mini slate, simply because its late leader, Steve Jobs, openly criticised them. But with 7-inch tablets performing extremely well in terms of sales recently, it’s believed the Cupertino-based firm may have had a change of heart.

The rumours emerged just weeks after Barnes and Noble launched its Nook range of tablets, while online retailer Amazon is gearing up to launch its new Kindle Fire tablets at the end of the month. The iPad Mini is expected to be available in shops from November 2 in time for the pre-Christmas rush, priced between £150-£200.

iPad Mini: How much will it cost?

Chinese sources claim that the miniature iPad will be priced at around $250-$300 (£156-£187 respectively). Apple devices are notoriously expensive, so the launch of a cheap(er) tablet is a clear indication that the San Francisco firm is pulling out all the stops to ensure Amazon doesn’t steal its tablet crown.

Some analysts also believe the launch of a mid-sized tablet will fend off competition from the likes of Samsung and Microsoft, both of which have been very active in their pursuits to overtake the world’s biggest company. Analysts claim Apple stands to gain about $100 in profit for each tablet sold. That figure is based on a calculation of its potential innards, with the screen costing the most at $49.54.

iPad Mini: What specs will it have?

The controversial motherboard manufacturer Foxconn and the design and electronics manufacturer Pegatron, two of Apple’s most devoted iKit producers, have apparently already been briefed about the iPad Mini. They will, according to reports, be actively involved in the production of the device.

Whether the iPad Mini will function as a mobile phone remains to be seen, however, it will reportedly sport a 7-inch screen – it was originally believed to be a 5-inch screen – supposedly with the same pin-sharp resolution as the new iPad. We don’t have any further details on the iPad Mini’s specs yet but will keep you updated as and when we do


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