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10 Gadget Concepts We Wish That Were Real

by Mark Abu-Jaberon August 23, 2015
Take a look at some of the current gadget concepts designed and inspired for our futuristic world. These are currently unavailable to purchase, but a similar concept or the exact product may be produced in the near future for the open market. We would love to hear your views on these concepts and what you […]
flying car

Flying Cars Could Be Coming Sooner Then You Think

by Mark Abu-Jaberon August 20, 2015
So here we are in 2015, so many previous movies have predicted that by now our skies will be full of self driving flying cars. Flying car company Terrafugia promised to release a flying car called the Transition in 2009, to customers. Which has not yet happened, but wait… Behold the TF-X. TF-XTM Goals: Safety Operating a TF-X™ vehicle should […]


Back To The Future Hoverboard Is Now A Reality

by Mark Abu-Jaberon August 18, 2015
If you’re a fan of the  Back to the Future trilogy, then you’re going to love the Hendo Hover Board . To put it in simple terms, Hendo announced that it’s introducing the world’s first real hover board and hover developer kit, essentially putting…
10 Coolest Gadgets 2015

10 Coolest Gadgets 2015

by Mark Abu-Jaberon August 18, 2015
The top 10 coolest gadgets 2015 is a collection of the most exciting and unique gadgets we have gotten our hands on so far in 2015. It has been a good year so far and the second half of 2015 is promising to have even more exciting gadgets coming out….

7 Gadgets for Summer 2015

7 Gadgets for Summer 2015

by Mark Abu-Jaberon August 18, 2015
Summer is upon us once again and it’s a great time to enjoy the sunshine with family and friends. Try these 7 Gadgets for Summer 2015, and make this summer enjoyable and one to remember. 7 Gadgets for Summer 2015  Window Solar Charger Summer is…
top 10 tech 2015

Top 10: Top Tech 2015 Must Have

by Mark Abu-Jaberon August 18, 2015
2015 has arrived and it’s going to be a big year for tech. This year we will see the return of some of our favourite gadgets in the past, all new software and improved and better versions of some of last year’s top gadgets. Here are the Top 10: Top Tech…


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus – Bigger and Smarter in Performance

by Mark Abu-Jaberon August 18, 2015
The Korean company Samsung released two smartphones in the month of March 2015 that presented certain sweeping swings in the mindset – The Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge. Both boomed the guise and scope of Apple’s iPhone 6 and are still perhaps among…
New Roads In The UK To Charge Electric Vehicles As They Drive

New Roads In The UK To Charge Electric Vehicles While Driving

by Mark Abu-Jaberon August 17, 2015
Highways England announced last week that it is embarking on an 18-month scheme to trial charging lanes after completing an early feasibility study. (The testing won’t be on public roads just yet, though.) During the trials, vehicles will be fitted with wireless technology and special equipment will be installed beneath roads to replicate motorway conditions. […]


Top 10 CPM Advertising Resources

by Kayla Matthewson April 22, 2014
When looking into ways to drive traffic to your business’s website, you’ve probably done research on keywords, search terms and other methods for increasing search engine rankings. What about ways to monetize your website or blog apart from the products or services you have to offer? What if you could be paid just for the […]

How to Upgrade Your Car Without Downgrading Your Wallet

by Kayla Matthewson April 10, 2014
These days, we are all trying to find different methods and alternatives to save money. The same goes for our cars. Before taking your vehicle into the repair shop, consider the DIY tips below. You may find that you can save yourself some money, and who doesn’t want that? 1. Choose Specialty Dealers for Part […]