Is Dash The Digital Currency To Overtake Bitcoin?

Is Dash The Digital Currency To Overtake Bitcoin?

by Mark Abu-Jaberon March 28, 2017
Well it is 2017 and who would of thought that 1 bitcoin is now worth over $1000 and rising, I guess not the regretful few who lost out with various computer problems and issues all those years ago before the boom, resulting in hundreds and thousands worth of bitcoins literally vanishing into thin air. For […]
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Steemit The New Social Media Platform That Pays You To Contribute

by Mark Abu-Jaberon March 28, 2017
Imagine getting paid to post content, comment or even just vote without trying to do so, if that makes sense? Well introducing Steemit the new social media platform that could well be every Author, Commenter and Readers dream social media platform to use. Steemit plugs into a robust blockchain database called Steem, which distributes rewards […]

Stunning New Range Rover Velar With Sleek Interior & Technology

by Mark Abu-Jaberon March 3, 2017
Introducing Land Rover’s brand new car: the Range Rover Velar. The Velar takes it name from the original 1969 Range Rover prototype which promised to offer “luxury, refinement and all-terrain capability”. As you’d expect, however, things have really stepped up a notch tech-wise since 1969. First up, you’ll notice that the car features door handles that […]
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Attractive & Modern “Domain For Sale” Landing Page

by Mark Abu-Jaberon January 30, 2017
For those that are into the domain selling business or just looking to sell an old domain that may be worth a few quid, I have the best solution for you. Introducing Domain Seller a landing page to sell your domains, it is hassle free and can get you set up in no time to […]

Futuristic Home Technology for 2017

by Philipon January 23, 2017
According to New York architect Victor Vitterlein, “The only path forward is to harness solar, wind and water for power and to use the power of computers to design, build and maintain homes.” The good news is that the technology that will make the homes of the future possible is already available today. Technology in […]

The Shazam of Faces Introducing Blippar

by Mark Abu-Jaberon December 7, 2016
Have you ever seen someone’s face and been struck with an overwhelming sense of familiarity but were unable to place them? Well, that could soon change. A new face-reading feature on an augmented reality app called Blippar has caused controversy and prompted fears about the inevitable demise of public privacy. The app allows users to […]


LG’s New Wallpaper TV as Thin as a Credit Card

by Mark Abu-Jaberon December 7, 2016
Introducing the worlds first OLED curved TV that sticks to the wall with magnets and under 1mm thick. Thanks to OLED technology, one of the leading companies in electronics, South Korean LG Electronics, launched their ultra thin 55′ TV’s which captured the attention of everyone back in May 2015. The new product is 0.97 mm […]

How to Stop Internet Abuse at Workplace

by Aline Carraraon December 7, 2016
The Internet is a massive library which allows us to access almost anything from anywhere in the world. It has become an irreplaceable resource, a data bank where everything from news to social media updates to encyclopedia to porn is available, just a click away. This has raised serious problems for employers who are unable […]


Vehicle UIs of the Future Are Going to Be Amazing

by Irinaon October 19, 2016
The state of UI design in most vehicles today is widely criticized for being unintuitive, outdated, and aesthetically unappealing. Car manufacturers have been slow to implement the quality of design that other industries assume as standard. As a result, many designers have taken on this opportunity to speculate how the future of vehicle UIs will […]

Jaguar’s Virtual Windscreen Driving Experience

by Mark Abu-Jaberon September 6, 2016
Jaguar Land Rover is attempting to make blind spots a thing of the past with their revolutionary Virtual Windscreen, as we explain this concept in more detail this type of technology could actually save lives. Jet fighters have had head-up display (HUD) since the early 1970s, but the technology has never transitioned to automobiles. Jaguar […]